TEEN MOM: A Journal

I remember him saying, “Hey, uh… it ripped.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant so I asked him to say it again. He said, “The condom, it ripped!” I was a bit nervous now and stupidly asked him, “Is that a bad thing?” I think he almost wanted to smile at the question but still had the panicked look and said, “Uh, yeah!” I started to think what this might mean. I wasn’t on birth control yet, my mother refused to let me get on it, and my father was still looking into it for me.

Shawn put some clothes on and sat in the chair, watching TV to distract himself, while I got dressed as well. I sat in the chair by him and asked, “Are we going to be okay?” He reassured me that he thought we were, but still wasn’t 100% positive.


My dad was in the waiting room while I went to the back with the same lady who gave me the morning after pills. She was ready to give me my birth control when I mentioned about being there before and filling out so many papers. She said, “Well, you wouldn’t have had to do the paperwork again if we would’ve known you were here before!”

I explained that my dad didn’t know I was there before and that’s why I didn’t say anything. I reminded her why I was there before, about the emergency contraceptive, and she said that she normally wouldn’t test for pregnancy, but because I did come in being unsure, she had to test.

A short time later she came back into the room with the test in her hand. She asked me about taking the pills, if I took them right, and I told her I did. She said that normally they work and she’s only seen them not work maybe twice and then told me that mine didn’t work. I was, in fact, pregnant.

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Teen Mom the Reality Show

A few years ago, the reality series “16 and Pregnant” on MTV followed four unwed teens through their pregnancies. The follow-up series, “Teen Mom”, continues with their lives. The show, according to media reports, has had the highest viewership of any MTV show in the past years. Continue reading Teen Mom the Reality Show

Teen Parenting Skills

Teen parenting skills are often brought into question and that can result in depression for the mom and distancing from the infant.  Grandparents are often the cause of this problem.  They may take over, criticize or make the new mother feel that she is inadequate.  Even older moms in their 20s experience this type of criticism.  But usually they are out of the home and only exposed to it in brief bursts. Continue reading Teen Parenting Skills